Sciatrope : From the greek σκια (shadow) and τροπη (turn), "which turns towards the shadow", opposite to an heliotrope. But, in this case, not so opposite, because the shadow this software is looking for, is the solar umbra during a solar eclipse.

Sciatrope is a Cocoa (macOS) application that helps preparing for, and observe a solar eclipse. It runs under MacOSX 10.11 or more.

You can find here a short video demonstrating Sciatrope functionalities.

There is also an iOS app version of Sciatrope available on the App Store, which uses the device's GPS instead of an external NMEA receiver.

I developed Sciatrope for the 2006 total solar eclipse, and used it in Niger to make my iBook perform vocal announces of the eclipse progression.
It has then accumulated dust in some remote part of my hard disk for some time... Until the 2008 Siberia eclipse neared. At that time, I made some improvements and started sharing it with other eclipse chasers.
I did use it to control my DSLR, with great success, during that 2008 eclipse.

It also controlled my DSLR during the following eclipses... weather permitting 😀.
I cannot now even consider wasting time manually controlling my camera during totality ; there are so many things to do in such a short duration !

Downloads are available at
The iOS app is on the App Store.

The online help is in the wiki.

The project summary page is at

You may wish to support Sciatrope development by making a donation.

Please feel free to contribute, it will be greatly appreciated.
The simplest contribution is to report any bugs you encounter, or new features you would like to see implemented.
By registering as a developer, you can participate to bug corrections or improvements, you can add more languages, improve the help files or whatever you think will make Sciatrope a more pleasing software.